Welcome to Creative Abolitionist.  We have an ever growing passion to see the end of poverty and human trafficking.  Our hearts breaks for those stuck in bondage.  We want to see the captives set free.  

Creative Abolitionist was started to end modern day slavery and poverty in creative ways. I believe that poverty is the root of most slavery in todays world.  By teaching skills to create income and through micro enterprising we can make a difference.  My hopes are to inspire you to be mindful on how you spend your money.  That we may all become conscious spenders who will not buy slave made products.  I want to encourage you to use the talents you have and that you may explore and expand new ways to fight this battle by using the arts. And when life is life, that we may share love with those around us by creating a beautiful world for all to enjoy. 

  Please follow me on twitter and pinterest.  I would love your involvement and don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

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